What Exactly is a Dental Drill?

Prevention is the best way to fight tooth decay. However, cavities can develop in spite of our best efforts and must be removed in order to prevent long-term problems and maintain a healthy mouth.

One of the most efficient and proven methods of removing tooth decay is the dental drill. While the dental drill may not be a favorite dental instrument, the use of it to remove tooth decay saves time, reduces potential pain, and provides the dentists at South Waterfront Dental a way to work with greater accuracy on patients’ teeth.

Modern Dental Drills

One of the most significant advancements of modern dentistry is the advent of the high-speed handpiece, or “drill.”  Before the 1960’s, dentists usually used foot-powered  handpieces to remove decay and prepare teeth.  Belt driven systems, although functional, had very limited power, excessive torque, and allowed for limited precision.  Air-driven models introduced in the 1960’s revolutionized the practice of dentistry by allowing for faster and more precise preparation of teeth, minimizing trauma to the teeth and improving safety with reduced torque.

While there are many advantages to the air-driven system, there are some drawbacks: they emit  loud, high pitched noise, they need repair frequently, and they have a tendency to expel lubricating oils in the operating field.  These problems with the air-driven systems have led many dentists, including Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow at South Waterfront Dental, to invest in a more advanced handpiece: the electric handpiece.

Advantages of the Dental Electric Handpiece

This technology affords many advantages for our patients: they are much quieter, have less vibration, provide more precision in preparing teeth, and allow for more versatility in the types of treatment that can be provided.  While the electric units are typically more expensive than the air-driven handpieces, they offer many advantages that make them worth the initial cost.

South Waterfront Dental patients can be assured that our practices use only the latest technology to ensure optimal oral health for our patients.  Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow are both well-versed in current dental technology and can answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of the technology used in our practices.