Spring Clean Your Teeth

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While it’s still a bit chilly outside, it’s clear that spring is coming. What better time to invest effort and energy into spring cleaning?

While spring cleaning has traditionally meant cleaning up the nooks and crannies around the house after a long winter, the term has since come to signify a variety of ways to reorganize different elements of life. If you are looking for  a “dentist near me” then Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow believe that spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s good for your dental health, too!

What does spring cleaning mean for your mouth?

Overhaul Your Diet

Spring signifies renewal, offering an excellent opportunity to make changes. Making adjustments to the kinds of foods we eat and the beverages we regularly consume can put us back on track to excellent dental health.

When considering maintaining a healthy mouth, it’s important to avoid sugar – it sticks to teeth and encourages the build up of plaque and the development of dental Take stock of beverages first, paying special attention to those high in sugar such as soda, fruit juice and energy drinks. Replace these with water in order to immediately cut sugar intake and help keep teeth healthy.

Another way to cut sugar is to simply take inventory of different foods you consume throughout the day. Simply cutting out non-nutritive foods in the form of sweets, pastries, candy, and cookies can go a long way toward helping you feel better and promoting good dental health. Focus instead on a diet of lean protein sources, legumes, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits to get the nutrition you need.

Brushing and Flossing

Spring is an excellent time to take stock of brushing and flossing routines. If it’s been a long time since you’ve switched out the toothbrush, take this opportunity to buy a new toothbrush that works for you. It should fit well in your hand and mouth and be made of soft bristles in order to protect your gums. If you haven’t been brushing your teeth after each meal, make a  commitment to do so and carry a travel toothbrush to use after lunch while you’re on the go.

Flossing is also an important habit that is often neglected. Commit to flossing once a day as part of your dental routine, and ask the Portland dentists and staff at South Waterfront Dental for a refresher on how best to floss your teeth!

Schedule an Appointment

At South Waterfront Dental, we like to see patients at least twice a year for regular oral health exams and gentle teeth cleanings. Digital dental x-rays may also be part of your treatment plan, and we may want to see you more often throughout the year depending on your unique needs.

A dentist appointment is a wonderful and necessary way to ensure good dental health as spring approaches. Call South Waterfront Dental at (503) 841-5658 to schedule your personal appointment.