Shedding Those Holiday Pounds

 Coming to the end of the holiday season, we’re confronted with the New Year and the resolutions that often accompany our celebrations. Family Dentists in SW Portland, Oregon Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow encourage healthy habits that help maintain bright, healthy smiles.

One of the ways to stay healthy when it comes to dental care is to change eating habits from those developed over the holidays.

Take a Sugar Break

Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed with sugary foods and drinks from Halloween through New Year’s Eve. One of the ways to shed holiday pounds and keep teeth healthy is to cut sugar out of your daily diet. Start slow, cutting out those extras like Christmas cookies and holiday candy. Throw or give away any extras that might tempt you, including that leftover egg nog sitting in the refrigerator.

Speaking of egg nog, be careful to avoid sugar when it comes to what you drink. Stick to water, tea, or milk to hydrate throughout the day, keeping away from sodas and fruit juices. These contain sugars that contribute to tooth decay over time. Cutting out these high-sugar drink options will also help shed those unwanted pounds that built up over the holidays.

Focus on Veggies and Protein

Holiday pounds can be contributed not only to an increase in Christmas desserts, but also rich, savory foods like rolls, casseroles, and snacks that are high in fat and calories. To lose some of those extra holiday pounds, build your meals around servings of vegetables and protein sources. Lean meats, eggs, and small servings of nuts can help you feel satisfied while giving you essential nutrition for a healthy smile and body.

Focus on crunchy vegetables and fruits when eating meals. The natural sugars and fiber can fill you up, satisfying those hunger pangs with fewer calories and more nutrition for healthy teeth and gums. In addition, the crunch factor of fruits and vegetables naturally help clean the plaque from teeth and gums.

Resolutions for Better Health

With the New Year, there is a temptation to make sweeping resolutions that are difficult to fulfill. Instead, consider simple resolutions for better overall and dental health.

For example, replace your old toothbrush with a fresh, new one. Try different kinds of floss and choose a favorite to use each day after brushing your teeth. Drink plenty of water to help naturally clean your teeth and whole body, and get plenty of sleep to stay healthy.

These simple decisions can help you shed those unwanted holiday pounds and keep your smile healthy and bright for your appointments with Portland, OR dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow and their team at South Waterfront Dental!