Holiday Dental Care Tips for Healthy Teeth

Miniature Food Christmas Cookies Portland dentists

The holidays are a time for indulging in our favorite music, activities, drinks and food. Portland dentists  Dr. Todd Beck at South Waterfront Dental encourage patients to indulge wisely, especially when it comes to Christmas treats. These tips can help!

Drink Water

This sounds like a pretty basic tip, but drinking a lot of water during this time of year can save our bodies from too much sugar. Often when we feel hungry, our bodies are actually in need of hydration. Water is the best source for this purpose, as it contains no calories and has been proven to energize our bodies and minds. Before grazing during the holiday party or eating a big Christmas dinner, drink a full glass of water to help control portions.

If you have found yourself digging into the Christmas cookies and candy a little too much, it’s not too late to hydrate with water. Use the water to also rinse sugary residue from your teeth until you can get to your toothbrush!

Limit Sticky Foods

Tis the season for foods that stick to teeth for long periods of time, including peanut brittle, caramel corn and candy canes. These kinds of treats remain on the surfaces of teeth for extended amounts of time, which increases the production of acids that damage teeth. Focus instead on balancing sugary holiday treats with crunchy vegetables from the veggie tray sitting on the party table. The natural crunch factor of baby carrots, sliced celery and broccoli help clean the surfaces of teeth.

Plan Ahead

It’s easy to figure that there’s going to be a lot of tempting foods and drinks at a holiday party or dinner. Plan ahead by packing a travel toothbrush, floss and small tube of toothpaste in your purse or pocket. While balancing Christmas sweets with protein and vegetables during the party is a good choice, nothing can replace brushing and flossing to clean teeth. As the party comes to a close or the dinner is finished, head to the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth to clean away any sugary residue.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

One of the ways to keep from grazing on holiday treats throughout the days surrounding Christmas is to simply keep our mouths and hands busy. Invest some time and attention into a worthwhile hobby to keep busy and relaxed during the holiday break, and chew sugar-free gum to keep from overindulging in holiday snacks.

It’s All About Balance

This time of year can be full of indulging in holiday activities, music and treats. Don’t forget to provide yourself with some balance to stay healthy during the holiday season. Eat plenty of protein, drink water, brush and floss your teeth, and get consistent, restful sleep. This can help provide balance during what is generally a chaotic time of year.

Portland dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow and their staff at South Waterfront Dental wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Call South Waterfront Dental at 503-841-5658 to schedule your appointment!

Photo Credit: Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight