Everything You Need To Know About Toothpaste

We all know that brushing your teeth everyday is good for your overall health. But do we ever stop and think about where “brushing your teeth” originated?  Cleaning your teeth has been around for hundreds of years, but toothpaste is rather new in the history of oral care. Here is the dentist’s guide to toothpaste, what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to brushing your teeth.

When Was Toothpaste Invented?

The first documented toothpaste came in the form as we know it today, which was created by a man named Washington Wentworth Sheffield. He was a practicing dentist who lived in Connecticut who called his wonder creation Crème Dentifrice, and it was available in 1850 for public consumption. The first toothpaste sold in a tube and was – believe it or not – called Colgate Ribbon Dental Crème sold in 1896. The trial size sold for only 4 cents.

Why is Toothpaste Effective?

The toothpaste we use in this day and age is great for our teeth because it has the basic components of proper oral care: an abrasive, a variety of flavor options and contains a soaping agent. These make up the three fundamental ingredients to a happy healthy mouth. Current types of toothpaste are far more superior then what our ancient ancestors use to use. Previous ingredients include, salt, crushed bone, ashes from fire, baking soda and sand.

What Kind of Toothpaste is Best?

The amount of choices of toothpaste can be overwhelming and frustrating, but Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow can help recommend a perfect fit for you. That is one of the reasons we give out trial sizes to our patients after a teeth cleaning and dental exam, so you can try new brands, flavors and types. The ultimate goal is to find a type that you like. Remember to pick toothpaste for its taste and texture rather than its brand name or cost. This will ensure you brush twice a day and maintain good healthy oral care habits. When purchasing toothpaste make sure that it contains fluoride.

What Type of Toothpastes are Around the World?

We get a lot of patients coming in and asking us about traveling abroad and what types of toothpaste to pack or buy there. Toothpastes are different all around the world. We recommend packing a small travel size of your favorite brand. That way you can be certain that you will have your toothpaste on the go. But many countries all around the world celebrate oral care by having flavorful types of toothpaste. If you are feeling adventurous, consider trying a new type. Here are our favorites from other countries:

Philippines – Chocolate Toothpaste

Thailand – Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste

France – Bacon Toothpaste