Digital Dental X-Rays for Your Health!

Dentists in Portland, Oregon Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow use digital x-ray technology as a regular part of comprehensive dental care at South Waterfront Dental. The state-of-the-art all-digital dental x-ray system provides the insight the doctors need without pain or discomfort to patients of all ages.

The History of X-rays

X-rays, also known as radiographs, were discovered quite by accident in 1895 by Wilhelm Röntgen. This German scientist was running experiments using vacuum tubing when he inadvertently took an x-ray of his wife’s hand.

Since that happy accident, x-rays have been used across the board to assess and diagnose medical and dental conditions in patients of all ages.

How X-Rays Work

Dental x-rays help Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow identify cavities in teeth using small wavelengths that pass through or can be absorbed by solid mass. When an x-ray is taken of the mouth, the x-ray waves pass more easily through the soft tissues like cheeks, gums and tongue.

However, the x-ray waves are absorbed by the jaw bones and teeth because they are more dense. This allows Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow to see any possible cavities because the decay allows the light to pass through, leaving a clear indication on the x-ray.

Digital X-Ray Advantages

Since the x-ray was discovered, there have been significant improvements in x-ray technology that increases patient comfort and safety at South Waterfront Dental. There are several advantages to using digital dental x-ray technology.

Digital x-ray technology used by Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow are completed via electronic sensors, which allow the image to appear on a screen in front of you in seconds. The possible radiation exposure is greatly reduced using this state-of-the-art technology, there are no chemicals required for developing that require disposal, and less energy is used to create the dental x-ray images. The frequency of your digital dental x-rays will be closely monitored by the doctors and staff, ensuring that you only receive them when necessary for your comfort and safety.

Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow are able to use the digital dental x-rays for faster diagnosis and treatment, allowing you to ask any questions and to see the results of the excellent treatment provided at South Waterfront Dental.

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