The Dentist Can Help Prepare for Race Day!

Portland runners, walkers and cyclers can be found training together early on Saturday mornings as well as throughout the week. This thorough preparation for long-distance racing is an excellent way to stay in good overall health while being physically challenged. Southwest Portland dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow submit that visiting the dentist is an often overlooked but excellent way to prepare for race day!

What Does Long-Distance Racing Require?

What will be required of you during your particular long-distance race largely depends on what type of race you choose to join. There is a wide range of racing opportunities that include walking, running, swimming, biking or a combination of these events. An increasingly popular race is called the “adventure” race, which takes participants through obstacle courses that challenge strength, character and perseverance.

This kind of challenge, however, is true for all long-distance races. Race preparation is essential for races as short as 5K to the Ironman Triathlons and everything in between, including 10K races, walking relays, running relays, quarter-marathons, half-marathons, and full marathons. No matter which type or length of race you choose, it’s necessary to prepare.

Can the Dentist Really Help Me Prepare for My Race?

The bottom line is that the dentist can help prepare you for any challenge that life throws at you simply because dental health is interwoven with overall health. Preventative care, like visiting South Waterfront Dental twice a year for regular exams and teeth cleanings, helps ensure that your body works at its optimum on any day of the week, including race day.

Before heading out for another training session, make an appointment with your primary care doctor for a full physical to get a baseline for your health and address any concerns when it comes to long-distance racing. Then visit the dentist to clean away plaque that can lead to periodontal disease.

Why? Because the American Academy of Periodontology conducts regular research that continues to confirm the link between gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) and heart disease.  The research shows that the same bacteria that is found on the teeth can also be detected in the tissues in and surrounding the heart, which might mean that this bacteria gets into the bloodstream and causes inflammation and damage. No matter what race you intend on walking, running, biking or swimming, you need to have a strong and healthy heart.

What Other Race Day Preparations Can I Make?

Training is essential for preparing for race day, including hydration, a nutritious diet and even the shoes you plan on wearing. Join a club that runs or walks regularly in training sessions – after visiting the dentist, of course.

To prepare for your long-distance race, make an appointment with Portland dentists Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow at South Waterfront Dental by calling 503-841-5658 today!