Calm Dental Anxiety By Going to the Dentist

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous or anxious, there’s a good chance that you suffer from dental anxiety. It might be difficult to contemplate heading to South Waterfront Dental, your SW Portland OR dentist of choice,  but what if this was the best way to fight dental anxiety?

Stop the Cycle of Dental Anxiety

It might sound like a strange solution, but it just might be the one that works best to break the cycle of dental anxiety. The nervousness that you might feel when thinking about going to the dentist may actually keep you from the dentist office, which can lead to potential problems with your teeth.

Many short-term dental issues, such as tartar build up or bleeding gums, can lead to long-term conditions like periodontal disease and tooth loss. The pain you might feel from these conditions can help you feel more nervous about going to the dentist, which helps make worsen the dental conditions…and the cycle continues.

Fear of a lecture or embarrassment from the dentist may also be a concern. However, Dr. Beck and Dr. Morrow at South Waterfront Dental will listen to your concerns without judgement and provide the compassionate care you need. This approach from the entire team at South Waterfront Dental will not only make you feel at ease, but will keep you coming back for regular appointments.

Be Honest. We’ll Listen

Before heading in to your dental appointment, make some notes about your fears, feelings, and questions you might have about your dental care. Bring these notes with you to your appointment with Dr. Beck or Dr. Morrow. Use this opportunity to be honest and talk about your fears about being at the dentist.

Your honesty only helps us provide the personalized care you need. Be specific about past experiences and sensory triggers – like sounds, smells and tastes – that aggravate your anxiety. When we know about your fears, we can take extra steps to help make your appointment a more relaxed experience.

If you’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past, you may feel that all dentists are bad – at South Waterfront Dental, we work to prove that theory wrong.

Ask Questions

Perhaps you’ve never been to the dentist or haven’t had a dental appointment for several years. The technology, sights, sounds and smells might make you feel anxious or nervous. Use this opportunity to ask questions of our team.

Fear of the unknown can only intensify whatever anxiety you might feel while you’re at South Waterfront Dental. We welcome your questions regarding the services and procedures we’ll provide during your visit, from a simple cleaning to more complicated dental procedures. If you’re sensitive to any particular aspect – such as the sound of a drill – ask if you can listen to your mp3 player to drown out the sound. Knowing the details ahead of time will help alleviate any nervousness that might linger.

Ways to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Dr. Todd Beck and Dr. Jacob Morrow at South Waterfront Dental offer helpful tips  to help reduce your fear of going to the dentist:

  • Call and make an appointment, choosing a time where you will not be rushed and can arrive relaxed.
  • Ask questions about the procedures that will be performed.
  • Ask for what will make you most comfortable, such as head phones so you can listen to music during your appointment or a blanket if you are cold, since staying warm can really help with staying relaxed.
  • Make sure you and your dentist have a signal (such as a hand raise) to let him or her know you need to take a break.
  • Ask your dentist about nitrous oxide (laughing gas).  Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective modality for treating dental anxiety.  For those patients who are very anxious, your dentist may also prescribe an oral sedative prior to your dental appointment.

Let us help you break the cycle of dental anxiety, providing you with the compassionate care and the dental services you need!